Dom Barra

Domenico Barra is a new media artist, educator and visual content creator based in Napoli, Italy working with a focus on glitch art and internet culture. His works have been published via various platforms such as The Creators Project, Motherboard, Bullet Magazine, Hyperallergic, Art F City and Digicult.

Besides various curatorial projects such as directing glitch art show, Tactical Glitches in Italy, his own works have been exhibited internationally at the DAM Gallery in Berlin, Media Center in New York, Galerie Charlot in Paris and the Link Art Centre in Brescia, MACRO Museum in Rome and Wrong Biennale. In 2016, he was invited as a visiting artist at SAIC in Chicago for RE:MESH.WWWERK/s series curated by Jon Cates. He is currently a lecturer in glitch art and new media at Rome University of Fine Art, and is part of the Hard Disk Museum with the project 09|09. Barra is also part of the curated artists selection by Sedition.


Living in Naples is like living in a short circuit. Naples is a futurist and surrealist city. Naples is a complex system. Naples is pulsating and rotating, it is noise and music. To understand it you have to cross it on foot every day. This video is a virtual walk through the city, from Poggioreale to Posillipo, from Scampia to Piazza Garibaldi, from Via Caracciolo to Pignasecca. Among the many European cities Naples is a glitch, unpredictable, out of the rules and any standard. This is Naples dirty noize tour.

The video was created by recording a walk in Naples using Google Street View. Video recordings and his video data and audio data were then “altered” thanks to improper use of software for editing text and audio.

Dom Barra

DOM BARRA – AlteredData Nitroglitcherina

(dirty) new media artist and visual content creator
Napoli / Italia